What is WiSA Technologies, Inc.'s stock symbol?

Our stock is traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol WISA.

When was WiSA Technologies, Inc. incorporated?

We were formed as Summit Semiconductor, LLC, on July 23, 2010. We converted to a Delaware corporation, effective December 31, 2017, at which time we changed our name to Summit Semiconductor, Inc. On September 11, 2018 we changed our name to Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc., and on March 11, 2022, we changed our name to WiSA Technologies, Inc.

When did WiSA Technologies, Inc. become a public company?

July 27, 2018

Where is WiSA Technologies, Inc. located?

15268 NW Greenbrier Pkwy
Beaverton, OR 97006
T: 408-627-4716

When is WiSA Technologies, Inc.'s fiscal year end?

December 31st

Who is WiSA Technologies, Inc.'s transfer agent?

VStock Transfer, LLC
18 Lafayette Place
Woodmere, NY 11598
T: 212-828-8436

Who is WiSA Technologies, Inc.'s independent auditor?

10 Almaden Blvd.
Suite 1000
San Jose, CA 95113
T: 408-961-6300

Who is WiSA Technologies, Inc.'s outside legal counsel?

Sullivan & Worcester LLP
1633 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
T: 212-660-3000

Does WiSA Technologies, Inc. have a Form 8937?

Yes, please find Form 8937 here:
April 2020
January 2023
April 2024